Where will the session take place: 

These sessions take place at a location of your choice. They can either be held in the studio for a contemporary and crisp look or shot outdoors in a more documentary style and using predominately natural light. Early morning or late afternoon tends to be the best time to give the softest light when shooting outdoors.

How long will your session take:

Lifestyle family portrait sessions usually take up to 2 hours, I will have a detailed conversation with you prior to the shoot to have an exact idea of what you would like to get out of the session and plan the day accordingly. 


What are generation portraits? 

Whether you are proud new grandparents or you want to mark the next phase of your life after work, celebrate a silver, ruby or special wedding anniversary or simply have a beautiful portrait taken with the grandchildren or on your own, a generation portrait session is the ideal format. 

The session focuses on capturing the unique bond between multiple generations or alternatively in the case of a single portrait session to create a timeless, beautiful image full of character. They can either take place at a location of your choice, your home, or in a more formal studio setting.



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